SurvivorsResource guidelines
At SurvivorsResource forums you can tell your story and get support and encouragement from other survivors, besides discussing any questions that you deem important.

There are several rules of how to use SurvivorsResource Forum. If someone has started a new topic, told about their problems, and is awaiting for support, compassion and understanding from you, do not reply to them by telling about your pain. It is not fair. The one who has started the topic will not get help and will face others' replying to you. Start a new topic for getting help from other survivors.

If your post contains intimate details, a description of your feelings when you are "low", a story of your abuse, or if you have a bad day, mark the topic with the word "Trigger". In that way, the other visitors will see that the content of you post can trigger them and provoke unpleasant emotions.

The topics related to religion, sexual orientation and sex can trigger the other survivors. Mark the topic by "Trigger."

IF YOU ARE CONSIDERING SUICIDE, what you should do at first is not to stay alone. Find a close person, friend, parent, relative, with whom you can talk about your attitude. If you can not find those people, find out a crisis line telephone number in your area, or go to the page, find a crisis line telephone number and call them. (There are links to web-sites containing crisis line phone numbers in the Russian cities and world countries.) Remember that you are not alone. Suicide is the most unfit means of alleviating your pain. At SurvivorsResource Forum, please, do not make posts containing the threats of commiting suicide. We do not know how to deal with such posts. They will not be made viewable by the public.

Do not create topics solely containg the words "What can I do?" or "Help me!!!" Formulate your topic in more detail, and you will see that other people will more willingly reply to you, without avoiding your post of fear to face triggering, unpleasant details.

Remember, that while discussing problems arising in survivors of SA, there can be multiple viewpoints. Many survivors have lived for many years, without saying a word about what happened to them to anyone, and without getting professional help. Because of that, discussion, support, and understanding are welcome in SurvivorsResource Forum.

We recommend that you don't use your real name and home/work address for your safety.

At SurvivorsResource forums, it is prohibited to exchange contact information, disperse advertisement, make knowingly false statements, threats, and to abuse.

SurvivorsResource forums are moderated by Alexey.
SurvivorsResource guidelines
Forum guidelines
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SurvivorsResource chat lets you communicate with other survivors of sexual abuse, or with their friends, spouses, or relatives.

Here, you can meet people who are from all sex-age groups, social strata and classes, ethnic groups, nationalities, and countries. They can be of different sexual orientation, adherents of various religions, social-economic and political views, and they may have survived SA at any age.

Be aware about what SurvivorsResource chat is.

Individuals coming here have survived a very hard psychological trauma. They can be scared, confused, helpless; survivors can have stress, they can strongly control their emotions and seem feelingless; they can have low mood and be very sensitive to the words of another person, topics of sex, relationships, and SA.

Be sure that SA survivors search (often subconsciously) for support, understanding, and help of other people. An important thing for a survivor is the ability to find a good person who can hear to them without judging.

Experiences and emotions, which are expressed in SurvivorsResource chat demand safe and confidential surrounding. Because of this, we ask you to be attentive to the words of others.

If you are a friend, spouse, or relative of a survivor, the chat will allow you to share your thoughts, feelings, and experiences.

We recommend that you do not exchange contact information with a person whom you have known for less than several months, that you do not agree to meet off-site, and that you don't send your photo to anyone. Be informed that the chat visitors may not be honest with you.

In SurvivorsResource chat, it is prohibited to disperse advertisement, to make threats, to abuse, to start sexual relationships of any form.

SurvivorsResource chat is moderated by Alexey.
Chat guidelines