Cruel treatment of children: Causes, manifestations, consequences. Tsimbal E. I. (PDF)

MiraMed Institute (Against Human Trafficing) (in Russian and English)

Books of the Psychology (на русском) / How to Live After a Psychic Trauma. Kolodzin B // Books of the Psychology (in Russian)

Angel Coalition (Against Human Trafficing) (in Russian)

Convention on Children's Rights, the UN (in Russian)

Some Sequelae of the Sexual Maltreatment of Children. Steele B. E. // The Journal of Practical Psychology And Psychoanalysis #3 September 2004 (in Russian)

Consequences of Childhood Sexual Abuse on the Development of Ego Structure: A Comparison of Child and Adult Cases. Sherkow S. P. // The Journal of Practical Psychology And Psychoanalysis #3 September 2004 (in Russian)

Samaritans - crisis line in Cherepovetz for depressed and suicidal people. Phone number: 8 (8202) 577-577, 571-007

Syostri - Independent Charity Help Center for Those Who Survived Sexual Violence (they better help female survivors and can advise where to apply for help) (in Russian and English)

Crisis line phone numbers in the Russian cities (in Russian)

Crisis line phone number (good people able to refer you to a professional) in Moscow: 8 (495) 624-60-01

Youth crisis line phone number in Kostroma: 8 (4942) 224-621

The Criminal Law of the Russian Federation (in Russian)
Russian  Survivor Resources
Abused Empowered Survive Thrive (UK)

The Association of Rape Crisis Centers in Israel

Befrienders Worldwide (Crisis line telephone numbers worldwide) (in English)

CRIPHASE (in French)

HealthyPlace (USA)

If He Is Raped (Japan) - Resources for Healing (Canada)

MaleSurvivor (USA)

Spikey - The Anti Drink Spiking Stopper (UK based Spikey offers information about spike drinks for the presence of drugs used in drink spiking to stop sexual abuse, drug rape, date rape drugs, date rape, date rape drug and illicit substances like Rohypnol, GHB, more alcohol from being spiked in pubs, bars and at parties)

Stuart Howarth - 'Please Daddy No' (UK)

The Next Step Counseling and Training (USA)

NGO Resources in the Russian and German Ways. The German Union for Protection of Children, the City Union of Duisburg (in Russian and German) (Germany)

Sexual Abuse Centre (New Zealand)

Sexually Abused Males Surviving (Canada)

Survivors Swindon (UK)

Survivors UK: For Male Victims of Sexual Abuse (UK)

Thrive (Scotland)

Trauma, Alcoholism, and Substance Abuse (USA)
Foreign Survivor Resources
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