Male Survivors
A Statement to Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse

"Male survivors of childhood sexual abuse and male rape have until recently been the silent, unseen victims of sex crimes; often forgotten by the support services and legal system. In the last couple of years this has fortunately begun to slowly change.

As many as 1 in 5 males will be sexually abused before the age of 18. According to FBI figures in the USA, about one in 5 adult rape victims are male.

Male rape does not only happen in prisons, it also happens in peoples homes, parks, the army, children's homes; in fact male rape can happen almost anywhere. It also matters little how strong you are, it can happen to almost any male."*

If you are a male survivor of sexual abuse, feel free to read the articles here and go to forum for support.
* Available at: (Abused Empowered Survive Thrive) 17.07.06
Male Survivors
Myths About Male Sexual Victimization

Ten Facts about Sexual Abuse of Boys and its Aftermath

Characteristics Observed In Male Sexual Abuse Victims

A Consumer's Guide To Therapist Shopping

Rape Trauma Syndrome

Date Rape

Disclosure and Confrontation: Considerations for Survivors
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